mysql-5.1 编译参数优化

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-static  13% 

Unix Socket  7.5%
--with-unix-socket path=/usr/local/mysql/tmp/mysql.sock


The --enable-assembler options of configure allows for
compiling in x86 (and sparc) versions of common string
operations, which should result in more performance.
--with-extra-charsets =complex字符支持
--enable-thread-safe-client #Compile the client with threads. 也就是让客户端支持线程的意思

There is a limit of 232 (~4.295E+09) rows in a MyISAM table. If you build MySQL with the --with-big-tables option, the row limitation is increased to (232 )2 (1.844E+19) rows

--with-embedded-server    #编译成embedded MySQL library (libmysqld.a ),
--enable-local-infile #让mysql支持从本地文件 导入数据库
 load data local infile '/usr/test' into table test fields terminated by ' ';
 ERROR 1148 (42000): The used command is not allowed with this MySQL version)

--with-plugins=innobase 存储引擎
 Mysql5.1开始,编译添加innodb插件就从--with-innodb 改成了 --with-plugins=innobase
                                                     Plugins to include in mysqld. (default is : none) 
                                                     Must be a configuration name or a comma separated 
                                                     list of plugins. 
                                                     Available configurations are: none max max-no-ndb 
                                                     Available plugins are: partition daemon_example 
                                                     ftexample archive blackhole csv example federated 
                                                     heap innobase myisam myisammrg ndbcluster
 如果多个插件,可以写成:--with-plugins=partition,blackhole,heap,innobase,myisam,ndbcluster 用逗号分开

./configure –prefix=/usr/local/mysql --enable-assembler --with-unix-socket-path=/tmp/mysql.sock --with-client-ldflags=-all-static --with-mysqld-ldflags=-all-static  --with-extra-charsets=gbk,gb2312,utf8 --enable-thread-safe-client --with-big-tables --enable-local-infile --with-ssl

make && make install


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