Django dumpdata and loaddata

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dumpdata command
It is a django management command, which can be use to backup(export) you model instances or whole database
dumpdata for basic database dump
Following command will dump whole database in to a db.json file
./ dumpdata > db.json
dumpdata for backup specific app
Following command will dump the content in django admin app into admin.json file
./ dumpdata admin > admin.json
dumpdata for backup specific table
Following command will dump only the content in django admin.logentry table
./ dumpdata admin.logentry > logentry.json
Following command will dump the content in django auth.user table
./ dumpdata auth.user > user.json
dumpdata (--exclude)
You can use --exclude option to specify apps/tables which don't need being dumped

Following command will dump the whole database with out including auth.permission table content

./ dumpdata --exclude auth.permission > db.json
dumpdata (--indent)
By default, dumpdata will output all data on a single line. It isn’t easy for humans to read

You can use the --indent option to pretty-print the output with a number of indentation spaces

./ dumpdata auth.user --indent 2 > user.json
Example output of above command is below

dumpdata (--format)
By default, dumpdata will format its output in JSON

You can specify the format using --format option

Command supports for following formats(serialization formats)

./ dumpdata auth.user --indent 2 --format xml > user.xml
Above command output an xml file(user.xml)

loaddata command
This command can be use to load the fixtures(database dumps) into database
./ loaddata user.json
This command will add the user.json file content into the database
Restore fresh database
When you backup whole database by using dumpdata command, it will backup all the database tables

If you use this database dump to load the fresh database(in another django project), it can be causes IntegrityError (If you loaddata in same database it works fine)

To fix this problem, make sure to backup the database by excluding contenttypes and auth.permissions tables

./ dumpdata --exclude auth.permission --exclude contenttypes > db.json
Now you can use loaddata command with a fresh database
./ loaddata db.json

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